Winter-summer difference in post-awakening salivary α-amylase and sleepiness depending on sleep and melatonin

Konstantin V. Danilenko, Evgenii Kobelev, Svetlana Y. Zhanaeva, Lyubomir I. Aftanas

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Winter and summer seasons are contrasted by light/dark conditions at temperate latitudes, and the negative influence of this contrast on circadian health is yet to be quantified. This field study (performed in Novosibirsk, 55°N, no daylight saving time transitions) aimed to compare post-awakening arousal state in summer and winter in subjects (N=45) on a fixed 5-workday schedule (waken up by alarm at either ∼6 am or ∼7 am). Their circadian status (by 24-h melatonin profiles) and sleep (by log data) have been previously reported. Salivary α-amylase levels (a biomarker of the sympathetic nervous system activity, or stress) and subjective sleepiness were measured immediately after awakening on Friday, at minute 0 (supine), 10, 20, and 30 (not supine). α-Amylase levels were found to be higher in winter, along with a blunted α-amylase awakening response (AAR; a decline from minute 0 to minute 10 value). Both effects were attributable mainly to the 7am group. Sleepiness levels also increased in winter, mainly due to the seasonally dependent subjects, and predictably associated with shorter, later sleep, and later melatonin circadian phase. The sleepiness and α-amylase changes did not correlate. The seasonal change in α-amylase was positively associated with the change in the amount of melatonin secreted, probably reflecting the parallelism in the noradrenergic neural control of both α-amylase and melatonin secretion. Together, higher post-awakening salivary α-amylase levels (indicating stress) and subjective sleepiness levels (indicating greater sleep need) in winter compared to summer point to a less healthy state in winter.

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ЖурналPhysiology and Behavior
СостояниеОпубликовано - 15 окт 2021

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