What is burning in coal mines: Methane or coal dust?

A. A. Vasil’ev, A. V. Pinaev, A. A. Trubitsyn, A. Yu Grachev, A. V. Trotsyuk, P. A. Fomin, A. V. Trilis

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Possible scenarios of ignition and explosion development in coal mines are discussed. A principal possibility of complete quenching of detonation and combustion with the use of a sheet consisting of inert particles is experimentally demonstrated. As the detonation quenching process is rather complicated, it is recommended to focus the attention at the initial stage of ignition of the methane–air mixture, when it is possible to ensure effective quenching of the ignition site by using methods of advanced automatic monitoring and control with clear satisfaction of space and time requirements.

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ЖурналCombustion, Explosion and Shock Waves
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СостояниеОпубликовано - 1 янв. 2017


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