Weak-Turbulent Theory of Wind-Driven Sea

Vladimir E. Zakharov, Sergei I. Badulin, Vladimir V. Geogjaev, Andrey N. Pushkarev

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We present a self-consistent analytic theory of the wind-driven sea—the weak-turbulent theory. The base statement of the theory is that the four-wave resonant interactions play the leading role in the energy balance of the wind-driven sea. We study the exact solution of the stationary wave kinetic equation and the self-similar solutions of wave kinetic equation both in fetch- and duration-limited cases. The theory makes possible to explain the nature of universal power-like energy spectra as well as the power-like dependence of the total wave energy and peak frequency from the fetch and the duration.

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ЖурналEarth and Space Science
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    Zakharov, V. E., Badulin, S. I., Geogjaev, V. V., & Pushkarev, A. N. (2019). Weak-Turbulent Theory of Wind-Driven Sea. Earth and Space Science, 6(4), 540-556. https://doi.org/10.1029/2018EA000471