Waveform inversion of surface waves in f-k domain in locally 1D formulation

I. Silvestrov, K. Gadylshin, D. Neklyudov, V. Tcheverda

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Near-surface velocity variation is one of the main challenges for land data acquired in arid environment. Conventional methods have certain limitations and industry is constantly searching for better techniques for near-surface characterization. One of the promising approaches is surface wave inversion since surface waves are naturally localized in the shallow part of the subsurface and they tend to be very sensitive to the S-wave velocity anomalies. The conventional method for surface wave analysis requires dispersion curve picking and therefore is quite time- and manpower consuming. An alternative approach that is recursively comparing amplitude spectrum of the data in FWI manner does not require any picking and can be applied automatically. In this work, we demonstrate the advantages of the new technique and compare it with the standard approach. For simplicity, we show all results for 1D model that is part of complex and quite realistic 2D model.

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