Variability of the Expression of Reference Genes in Samples of Human Olfactory Epithelium

S. P. Kovalenko, N. S. Rudenko, A. S. Avdeeva, K. V. Danilenko, L. I. Aftanas

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    We analyzed variability of the expression of three reference genes in biopsy samples of the olfactory epithelium obtained from healthy volunteers. The expression of B2M, HPRT1, and CASC3 genes was analyzed by real-time PCR. The pairs of genes B2M—HPRT1 and B2M—CASC3 were found to possess minimum individual variability of expression and can be reliable candidates for the reference genes in analysis of gene expression in neural cells.

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    ЖурналBulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
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