Using of Fractional Separation for the Analysis of MoO3 by Atomic Emission Spectrometry with Inductively Coupled Plasma and Electrothermal Vaporization

N. S. Medvedev, A. V. Malitskii, A. R. Tsygankova, A. I. Saprykin

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The introduction of various forms of molybdenum into an inductively coupled plasma was studied in the vaporization of solutions from a graphite tube. A temperature program is selected that enables the separated vaporization of analytes and molybdenum (matrix) for atomic emission spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma and electrothermal vapoization (ETV–ICP–AES) analysis. The limits of detection for analytes in the ETV–ICP–AES analysis of molybdenum trioxide are evaluated using the fractional separation of analytes and the matrix.

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ЖурналJournal of Analytical Chemistry
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