Universal interrogation protocol with zero probe-field-induced frequency shift for quantum clocks and high-accuracy spectroscopy

Thomas Zanon-Willette, R. Lefevre, A. V. Taichenachev, V. I. Yudin

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Optical clock interrogation protocols, based on laser-pulse spectroscopy, suffer from probe-induced frequency shifts and their variations induced by laser power. The original hyper-Ramsey probing scheme, which was proposed to alleviate those issues, does not fully eliminate the shift, especially when decoherence and relaxation by spontaneous emission or collisions are present. We propose to solve the fundamental problem of frequency shifts induced by the laser probe by deriving the exact canonical form of a multipulse generalized hyper-Ramsey resonance, including decoherence and relaxation. We present a universal interrogation protocol based on composite laser-pulse spectroscopy with phase modulation eliminating probe-induced frequency shifts at all orders in the presence of various dissipative processes. Unlike frequency shift extrapolation based methods, a universal interrogation protocol based on ±π/4 and ±3π/4 phase-modulated resonances is proposed which does not compromise the stability of the optical clock while maintaining an ultrarobust error signal gradient in the presence of substantial uncompensated ac Stark shifts. Such a scheme can be implemented in two flavors: either by inverting clock state initialization or by pulse order reversal even without a perfect quantum state initialization. This universal interrogation protocol can be applied to atomic, molecular, and nuclear frequency metrology, mass spectrometry, and the field of precision spectroscopy. It might be designed using magic-wave-induced transitions, two-photon excitation, and magnetically induced spectroscopy or it might even be implemented with quantum logic gate circuit and qubit entanglement.

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ЖурналPhysical Review A
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