Uncertainty of the shadow method for the analysis of evaporating droplets

Y. V. Antonevich, D. V. Zaitsev, O. A. Kabov

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The shadow method of image analysis is the most commonly used experimental technique for investigation of evaporating droplet dynamics and wettability. So, the shadow method uncertainty and limit of its applicability for analysis of evaporating droplets are actual issues. In this paper, we experimentally study the applicability limit of the shadow image analysis and contributions of errors, connected with non-telecentricity of the optical system, as well as diffraction and numerical errors, at various stages of droplet evaporation.

Язык оригиналаанглийский
Номер статьи012079
ЖурналJournal of Physics: Conference Series
Номер выпуска1
СостояниеОпубликовано - 15 дек 2020
Событие5th All-Russian Scientific Conference Thermophysics and Physical Hydrodynamics with the School for Young Scientists, TPH 2020 - Yalta, Crimea, Украина
Продолжительность: 13 сен 202020 сен 2020


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