Ultrahigh-quality electromagnetically induced absorption resonances in a cesium vapor cell

D. V. Brazhnikov, S. M. Ignatovich, A. S. Novokreshchenov, M. N. Skvortsov

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Electromagnetically induced absorption (EIA) of cesium atoms exposed to counter-propagating light waves with orthogonal linear polarizations is studied. Probe beam transmission through a buffer gas-filled vapor cell is monitored as a function of a static magnetic field applied parallel to the wave vectors. The light waves are tuned to a single dipole transition F g → F e in the D1 line (λ = 894.6 nm). The proposed magneto-optical configuration helps overcome a long-standing problem in obtaining high-contrast EIA resonances in conjunction with narrow linewidths. Our experiments demonstrate EIA contrast with respect to a broad Doppler absorption background (C D) as high as 1630%. Thus, a high value of C D means that background absorption is almost absent, and the vapor cell transmission profile represents only a single narrow resonance. This result is unique for EIA as well as for electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) effects, because usually in a resonant medium, narrow EIT or EIA resonances are accompanied by natural-linewidth or other broad spectral features, even in the case of cold atoms. The resonance contrast with respect to the light transmission background (C back) is also high enough, reaching 75% in the experiments. The full width at half maximum of the narrowest observed EIA is approximately 0.77 mG (0.7 × 0.77 = 540 Hz in the frequency domain). The considered simple scheme has good prospects for the development of various quantum magneto-optical devices such as optical switches and atomic magnetometers.

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ЖурналJournal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
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