Trinuclear copper(ii) bromide complex [C3H5N3Br]2: n[Cu3Br8]n. Structure, magnetic properties and DFT calculations

A. S. Berezin, A. Yu Komarovskikh, V. Y. Komarov, M. M. Syrokvashin, D. G. Sheven

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Halidocuprates(ii) show unusual magnetic properties and a high degree of structural flexibility. We present the results of crystallographic, electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopic and magnetochemical analyses of a new [HL]2n[Cu3Br8]n compound (HL = 3-amino-4-bromopyrazolium)-the first example of an inorganic polymer built from trimeric [Cu3Br8]2- units with a 5-membered nitrogen-containing heterocycle as an organic counter ion. The EPR spectrum of the polycrystalline sample exhibited a signal at g ≅ 2.06 broadened owing to spin-spin interactions between copper ions. The EPR and magnetochemical data indicate a ferromagnetic intertrimer interaction with Θ = 13 K and an antiferromagnetic intratrimer interaction with J = 310 K between the nearest-neighbor copper(ii) ions, which is in agreement with DFT calculations.

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ЖурналNew Journal of Chemistry
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