Transportation of cold plasma jet in multiple-mirror magnetic field

I. A. Ivanov, V. I. Batkin, A. V. Burdakov, V. S. Burmasov, K. N. Kuklin, K. I. Mekler, S. V. Polosatkin, V. V. Postupaev, E. N. Sidorov, A. F. Rovenskikh

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New experimental results on magnetic compression and transport of low-temperature arc plasma are presented. In the experiments, the transport efficiency of the plasma stream in a multiple-mirror configuration was compared with the same in a uniform solenoidal field. The magnetic compression ratio of the plasma stream varied from 5 to 60 at the initial diameter of 5 cm. As the result, the plasma with (1 - 4)×1020 m-3 density at the axis was obtained at ∼3 m distance from the plasma source. Theory predicted that a multiple-mirror magnetic field should not significantly decelerate and weaken collisional plasma. The experiment confirmed this prediction. In the presented work, we simulated the baseline scenario of GOL-NB filling by cold start plasma.

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ЖурналAIP Advances
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