Thermophysical properties of lithium thiogallate that are important for optical applications

Alexey Kurus, Alexander Yelisseyev, Sergei Lobanov, Pavel Plyusnin, Maxim Molokeev, Leonid Solovyev, Dmitry Samoshkin, Sergei Stankus, Svetlana Melnikova, Lyudmila Isaenko

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Lithium thiogallate LiGaS2is one of the most common nonlinear crystals for mid-IR due to its extreme beam strength and wide transparency range; however, its thermophysical properties have not yet been practically studied. Large crystals of high optical quality are grown. DTA revealed features at 1224 K below melting point (1304 K) that are associated with the oxygen containing compounds of the LiGaO2−xSxtype. The thermal conductivity of LiGaS2(about 10.05 W (m−1K−1)) and band gap value (3.93 eV at 300 K) are found to be the highest in the LiBC2family. Isotropic points in the dispersion characteristics for the refractive index are found and LiGaS2-based narrow-band optical filters, smoothly tunable with temperature changes, are demonstrated. Intense blue photoluminescence of anionic vacanciesVSis observed at room temperature after annealing LiGaS2in vacuum, whereas orange low-temperature emission is related to self-trapped excitons. When LiGaS2crystals are heated, spontaneous luminescence (pyroluminescence) takes place, or thermoluminescence after preliminary UV excitation; the parameters of traps of charge carriers are estimated. The obtained data confirm the high optical stability of this material and open up prospects for the creation of new optical devices based on LiGaS2

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Число страниц11
ЖурналRSC Advances
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СостояниеОпубликовано - 8 дек. 2021

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