Theoretical Approach to Performance Evaluation of Supercomputers

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In this paper, we extend an information-Theoretic approach of computer performance evaluation to supercomputers. This approach is based on the notion of computer Capacity which can be estimated relying solely on the description of computer architecture. We describe the method of calculating Computer Capacity for supercomputers including the in°uence of the architecture of communication network. The suggested approach is applied to estimate the performance of three of the top 10 supercomputers (according to TOP500 June-2016 list) which are based on Haswell processors. For greater objectivity of results, we compared them relatively to values of another supercomputer which is based an Ivy Bridge processors (this microarchitecture di®ers from Haswell). The obtained results are compared with values of TOP500 LINPACK benchmark and theoretical peak and we arrive at conclusions about the applicability of the presented theoretical approach (nonexperimental) for performance evaluation of real supercomputers. In particular, it means that the estimations of the computer capacity can be used at the design stage of the development of supercomputers.

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