The upper paleolithic phonic instruments: Classification and methods of research

Lbova Liudmila, Darya Kozhevnikova

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The emergence of musical (phone) instruments, as the simplest complex, the development of musical traditions are clearly a sign of the complex and behavioral strategies of the modern Human and is associated with the context of a broad spectrum of the innovations in the culture at an early stage of the Upper Paleolithic. It needs to be noted that the music is both cultural and biological phenomenon, and interdisciplinary approach to studying the origins musical creativity will attract additional resources to address this problem, and each of them in turn increases the value and legality of the findings. The question of the genesis and evolution of musical creativity, its early stages and diffusion of musical culture in Paleolithic time is controversial in archaeology according unique items of the excavation some Upper Paleolithic sites in Northern part of Eurasia. One of the main problems faced by Music Archaeology is the identification, definition and classification of musical (phone) instruments in the archaeological record. The series of aerophones of the Eurasian Aurignacian, the complex of percussion phone instruments of the Gravettian indicate the existence of stable musical traditions in the Upper Paleolithic. The integrative investigation of the musical complexes of Siberia and Ukraine Upper Paleolithic are based on the principles of morpho-technology, typological study and use-wear analysis, as well as experiments associated with the archaeological contexts.

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Название основной публикацииSuyanggae and Her Neighbours in Haifa, Israel
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