The techniques of modeling and decorating upper paleolithic anthropomorphic figurines from Malta, Eastern Siberia

L. V. Lbova, P. V. Volkov, E. N. Bocharova, V. S. Kovalev, N. A. Khaykunova

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We present the results of a microscopic analysis of anthropomorphic fi gurines from Malta, southeastern Siberia. The bulk of the collection comprises "classical" specimens unearthed by M.M. Gerasimov in 1928-1958. Recent studies by G.I. Medvedev and others in Irkutsk focused on the chronology, microstratigraphy, and cultural subdivision of the deposits. The an alysis of the fi gurines excavated by Gerasimov has revealed the manufacturing sequence, as well as modeling and decoration techniques. The process included the primary processing of mammoth ivory, preparation of a blank with key elements being marked, fi nal modeling, and decoration. At each stage, specifi c tools were used. Especial attention is paid to decorative elements: patterns, engraving, rendition of clothing and accessories, and painting. Tools included planing-knives, scrapers, cutters, burins, and reamers. The decoration process was subject to a certain canon, which concerned key elements of design, their combination, and choice of the decorated area. One of the most intriguing facts about the decoration of Malta fi gurines is that in certain instances, traces of several pigments such as scarlet, green, and blue were revealed.

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