The short version of Humbert of Romans’ treatise on the preaching of the cross: An edition of the latin text

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This is the first critical edition of a recently discovered short version of the treatise De predicatione crucis by Humbert of Romans, the fifth master-general of the Dominican Order. This short version has been found in five manuscripts, and all of them are actually preserved in Austria. In common with the longer version, it represents a kind of “textbook” for preachers of crusades to the Holy Land. While the long version (dated to ca. 1266-68) is certainly a work by Humbert, his name is not mentioned in any of the five manuscripts of the short version. Not even the approximate date of its composition is known. However, it is certain that there is a close link between the long and the short versions and these texts could not have appeared independently from each other. The present edition of the Latin text takes one of the manuscript families as its basis, since the analysis of variants clearly demonstrates that none of the manuscripts contains the original text of the treatise. All five manuscripts have been fully collated and their variants appear in the apparatus criticus. The introduction focuses on the stemma codicum.

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