The role of eclogites in the redistribution of water in the subcontinental mantle of the Siberian craton: results of determination of the water content in minerals from the Udachnaya pipe eclogites

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A comprehensive study of 26 mafic mantle xenoliths from the Udachnaya kimberlite pipe was carried out. The contents of major and trace elements, equilibrium temperature parameters, and water content in the rock-forming minerals were determined. The temperatures of formation of the studied rocks are estimated at 800–1300 °C. According to IR spectroscopy data, the water content in clinopyroxenes from the studied eclogites varies from values below the detection limit to 99 ppm. The IR spectra of garnets lack bands of water. The water content in clinopyroxene and orthopyroxene from garnet websterite is 72 and 8 ppm, respectively. The water content in the average rock, calculated from the ratio of the rock-forming minerals, varies from a few to 55 ppm. No relationship among the water content, equilibrium temperatures, and rock composition is established. The low water contents in the eclogites are close to the earlier determined water contents in peridotites from the same pipe and are, most likely, due to the re-equilibration of the eclogites with the rocks of the peridotitic lithospheric mantle. The dehydration of the protolith during its subduction and the partial melting of eclogites before their removal by kimberlitic magma to the surface might be an additional cause of the low water contents in the mantle eclogite xenoliths.

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