The reentrant four-layer quasi-elliptic bandstop filter

Victor V. Atuchin, Anatoly P. Gorbachev, Vladimir A. Khrustalev, Natalya V. Tarasenko

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The novel microwave quasi-elliptic bandstop filter, which uses the initially uncoupled strip transmission lines, is considered in this work. The proposed filter is based on the reentrant structure, where the metallic body with a floating potential is asymmetric. Generally speaking, the internal and external dielectric fillings must have their unequal relative permittivities. As a result, additional symmetrical reflection zeros are reached at the lower and upper pass bands of the stop band leading to the quasi-elliptic function response that improves the filter selectivity. The general transverse electromagnetic (TEM) circuit model for the proposed filter in terms of a series connection of the multi-ports is presented and then used to predict the initial electrical and geometrical parameters. An experimental printed circuit prototype has been manufactured and evaluated to validate the design concept. The measured filter parameters correlate well with the simulation-derived ones and that increases the degree of freedom in the fabrication of microwave frequency selective components.

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ЖурналElectronics (Switzerland)
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