The Origin of Paleozoic Terranes in Northeastern Asia: Geologic Evidence for Rifting of the Pericratonic Margin of the Siberian Paleocontinent and for Migration of Its Fragments

A. Kanygin, T. Gonta, A. Timokhin

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The paper provides an insight into the geodynamic history of the Northeast Asian terranes during the Paleozoic, focused on the stratigraphic, paleontological, and sedimentological data indicating that the Precambrian structures of early-middle Paleozoic age were originally part of the passive margin of the Siberian paleocontinent. The geological and paleontological data presented in the foregoing studies have shown the inherited geodynamic regime and synchronous sedimentation and magmatism on the passive continental margin and in most terranes before their separation from the Siberian paleocontinent in the late Paleozoic. The revealed significant differences in evolution between the Okhotsk and Omolon and other terranes give grounds to postulate that they rifted off the paleocontinent even earlier.

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ЖурналRussian Geology and Geophysics
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