The legal aspects of reproductive function of breast cancer patients

S. V. Sidorov, Yu I. Bravve, N. Yu Chernus

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    Actuality. In the conditions of modern development of medicine constantly there is an improvement of existing and emergence of new methods of treatment of oncological diseases. The use of high-tech methods of medical care for the treatment of cancer allows to increase the survival rates in the detection and subsequent treatment of malignant neoplasms. This circumstance causes the appearance of patients with cancer desire not only to cure this underlying disease, but also to preserve the quality of life that preceded it. Often, patients of reproductive age wish to realize their reproductive function. The article analyzes the possibilities of the medical organization, when detecting breast cancer in a patient of childbearing age, to use methods of treatment aimed at the implementation of the patient’s reproductive rights. Purpose of research. To perform the law on the protection of public health, which provides patient before the start of anticancer therapy kryokonservierung oocyte. Results. It is noted that such opportunities are limited by the current legislation that does not grant the right to persons with such cancer at the expense of the budget to use the methods of assisted reproduction and cryopreservation technologies to maintain their reproductive potential. The article substantiates the need to consolidate the possibility for women of childbearing age who have breast cancer and want to realize their reproductive function after treatment before chemo - and radiation therapy to receive and cryopreservate with the subsequent storage of oocytes, embryos or ovarian tissue at the expense of the budget.

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    ЖурналSiberian Journal of Oncology
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