The interaction of mrna with ribosomes in the course of translation in higher eukaryotes

Dmitri Graifer, Galina Karpova

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The chapter is a review of currently available data on interactions of ribosomal components with canonical mRNAs and with hepatitis C virus (HCV)-like IRESes during translation and on conformational rearrangements in the ribosomes accompanying these interactions. The review considers data obtained by biochemical approaches, primarily by site-directed cross-linking with the application of mRNA and IRES analogues bearing reactive groups at definite locations, and models for translational complexes of higher eukaryotic ribosomes derived from cryo-electron microscopy. Universally conserved features of the ribosomal mRNA binding site and its properties inherent in mammalian ribosomes are discussed along with similarities and distinctions in the interactions of ribosomes with canonical mRNAs and HCV-like IRESes.

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Название основной публикацииmRNA
Подзаголовок основной публикацииMolecular Biology, Processing and Function
ИздательNova Science Publishers, Inc.
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