The influence of plasma evolution on a kinetic scenario of plasma collisional relaxation

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A reduction of the two-time formalism [V. I. Erofeev, Journal of Plasma Physics 85, 905850104 (2019)] to a highly informative scenario of redistribution of plasma particles in momentum due to Coulomb collisions is reported. The standard case of an ideal classical ionized homogeneous plasma is considered. It is found that the leading-order approximation of the scenario is consistent with the well-known Lenard–Balescu Equation [A. Lenard, Ann. Phys. 10, 390–400 (1960); R. Balescu, Phys. Fluids 3, 52–63 (1960)]. A correction to the collision integral of this equation is developed to account for the time variation of plasma parameters. This correction is shown to differ from its analogs related to the existing generalizations of the Lenard–Balescu kinetic equation [Yu.L. Klimontovich, Kinetic theory of nonideal gases and nonideal plasmas (Pergamon Press, Oxford [1982]); V.V. Belyi, Yu.A. Kukharenko, J. Wallenborn, Journal of plasma physics 59, 657–669 (1998)].

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