The early Neolithic complex on the TARTAS-1 site: Results of the AMS radiocarbon dating

V. I. Molodin, D. A. Nenakhov, L. N. Mylnikova, S. Reinhold, E. V. Parkhomchuk, P. N. Kalinkin, V. V. Parkhomchuk, S. A. Rastigeev

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AMS radiocarbon dating was applied to seven samples from Tartas-1, an Early Neolithic site in the Barabinskaya forest-steppe, southwestern Siberia: four from pit 938, one from pit 990, and two from structure 6. Pits had been destined for fermenting fish, and contained offerings, such as corpses of animals (fox, hare, wolverine, dog), stone and bone artifacts, and flat-bottomed clay vessels. On the basis of these finds, the Barabinskaya culture was described. The results of the AMS radiocarbon analysis support the previous conclusion regarding the date of the complex-7th millennium BC. A series of dates generated at the Curt Engelhorn Center for Archaeometry in Mannheim, Germany, for the Neolithic materials from Tartas-1 mostly fall within the 7th millennium, and the same applies to the dates relating to the Neolithic site of Vengerovo-2. The dates for structure 6 from Tartas-1 were generated at the Institute of Nuclear Physics SB RAS in Novosibirsk as well, agreeing with those from the Mannheim Center (for two samples, the results being virtually identical). In sum, the data obtained confirm the correctness of dating the Early Neolithic complex from Tartas-1 to the 7th millennium BC. The Barabinskaya culture is also dated to this time.

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ЖурналArchaeology, Ethnology and Anthropology of Eurasia
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