The crust-mantle evolution of the Anabar tectonic province in the Siberian Craton: Coupled or decoupled?

V. S. Shatsky, Q. Wang, S. Yu Skuzovatov, A. L. Ragozin

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To clarify the tectonic-thermal evolution of the Anabar tectonic province in the central Siberian Craton, we performed an isotope-geochemical study of 20 xenoliths from the Udachnaya, Zarnitsa, and Komsomolskaya kimberlite pipes to represent different crustal levels. Most mafic granulites have Proterozoic Nd model ages and geochemical characteristics close to those of intraplate basalts, whereas some mafic and intermediate granulites with Archean model ages exhibit geochemical features of supra-subduction ophiolitic basalts. Analysis of U-Pb ages and hafnium isotopic composition of zircon indicates that the main tectonic-thermal events modified the crust at 2.7 and 1.9–1.8 Ga, which is consistent with ages of mantle depletion events from previous studies. All zircons have Archean Hf model ages (TDM C3.6-3.2 Ga). Overall, thermal events with ages of 2.9–2.8, 2.7, 2.4, 1.97 and 1.8 Ga have remarkable influence on the studied zircons. Tectono-thermal events at 2.4 1.97, 1.9 and 1.8 Ga with no addition of juvenile material are recorded by zircons from xenoliths of mafic and intermediate granulites and metadiorites. A compilation of isotope-geochemical data demonstrates that instead of age-stratified, the crust of the Anabar tectonic province consists of variably reworked Paleoarchean rocks and juvenile Proterozoic rocks at all crustal levels. Hence the crust and mantle of the Siberian Craton has been coupled since the Paleoarchean.

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