Tetrafluorosubstituted Metal Phthalocyanines: Interplay between Saturated Vapor Pressure and Crystal Structure

Darya D. Klyamer, Aleksander S. Sukhikh, Sergey V. Trubin, Sergey A. Gromilov, Natalia B. Morozova, Tamara V. Basova, Aseel K. Hassan

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In this work, we study the effect of fluorosubstitution on the crystal structure of phthalocyanines of copper, cobalt, and vanadyl and analyze the correlations between the structure and volatility of these complexes. The structures of MPcF4 (M = Cu, Co, VO) single crystals were refined; their vapor pressure was determined as a function of temperature by the Knudsen effusion method and the standard thermodynamic parameters ΔHT and ΔST0 of the sublimation process were determined. These characteristics were compared with those of unsubstituted MPc and hexadecafluorosubstituted derivatives. Hirshfeld surface analysis was used as a powerful tool for the visualization and better insight into intermolecular contacts in these molecular structures.

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ЖурналCrystal Growth and Design
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