Test results of boron carbide ceramics for ITER port protection

Andrey Shoshin, Alexander Burdakov, Maxim Ivantsivskiy, Sergey Polosatkin, Alexey Semenov, Yuliy Sulyaev, Evgenii Zaitsev, Polina Polozova, Sergey Taskaev, Dmitrii Kasatov, Ivan Shchudlo, Marina Bikchurina

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The results of long-term outgassing test of large quantities of ceramics, which is planned to be used in ITER diagnostic ports, are presented. The outgassing rate of boron carbide ceramics produced by Virial Ltd meets the requirements of the ITER Vacuum Handbook. Massive use of ceramics in ITER may create a significant gas load on the vacuum system that requires accurate analysis. Calculations of gas emission of Equatorial Port #11 were performed and it was demonstrated that a significant amount of ceramics can be used for neutron protection. Experiments on activation of ceramics and stainless steels by fast neutrons were carried out, which showed a rapid reduction of residual radioactivity and absence of hazardous impurities.

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Номер статьи112426
ЖурналFusion Engineering and Design
СостояниеОпубликовано - июл. 2021


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