Technological features of decorated ivory artifacts in the “classic” collection from the mal’ta site (Siberia, upper paleolithic)

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Mal’ta is one of the most important archeological complexes of the Siberian Upper Paleolithic. M. M. Gerasimov discovered the site in 1928 and excavated there until 1958 collections widely considered "classic" for the middle Upper Paleolithic with cultural layers dating to the Last Glacial Maximum (19 to 23 kyr). New data, based on the modern methods of the archaeological expertize, found the problem to identification of "classical" collection as the compound of the micro stratigraphy levels and propose the opportunity coexisting of different chronological or cultural complexes. The article aims to prove the coexistence in Malta's collection of various techniques of manufacturing stable forms of ornament, as a consequence of different technological or cultural processes, and chronology. Microscopic examination of the site’s ivory artifact collection revealed several methods to produce variously functioning ornamental objects. These include portable sculptures, items of personal adornment, and a few other artifacts. Microscopic analysis revealed a variety of the manufacturing techniques and functions of the mobile art. From technological position, we categorized artifacts based on the fragments of the artifacts, blanks, and finished products with and without decoration. In general, there were distinct technological approaches to produce anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures with specific sets of tools and technological standards. In addition, we identified four categories of ivory ornaments and six different technology-processing methods. We argue that there are temporal or cultural differences in artifact’s style and manufacturing techniques based on technological analysis, that may be useful in general reconstruction of the cultural process in the Upper Paleolithic (LGM-period) in the Nord-Eastern Eurasia.

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