Synthesis, structure and properties of (NH4)2[RuNO(NO2)4OH] and NH4[RuNO(L)(NO2)3OH] (L=NH3, Py)

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The ammonium salt (NH4)2[RuNO(NO2)4OH] was prepared, characterized by thermogravimetric analysis, IR spectroscopy and its molecular and crystal structures were determined. Heating of the salt was investigated in organic solvents (pyridine and acetonitrile) using 15N-NMR spectroscopy and the reaction led to the preparation of the [RuNO(NO2)3(Py)OH]- anion with good yield (60%). Crystal structures of the two products (NH4)[RuNO(NO2)3(Py)OH] and NH4[RuNO(NO2)3(NH3)OH] were determined. Both (NH4)2[RuNO(NO2)4OH] and (NH4)[RuNO(NO2)3(Py)OH] underwent photo-induced (445 nm) linkage isomerization (RueNO to Ru–ON) but the population of the metastable isomer did not exceed 5–7%.

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