Synthesis, Structure and Magnetism of Coordination Polymers Based on [{Re4Te4(CN)12]4− Cluster Anions and [Ln(phen)(H2O)3Ln(phen)(H2O)2(μ-OH)2]4+ (Ln = Dy, Ho, Er) Dimeric Fragments

Yulia M. Litvinova, Yakov M. Gayfulin, Artem S. Bogomyakov, Denis G. Samsonenko, Yuri V. Mironov

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Three new polymeric compounds of general formula {[Ln(phen)(H2O)3Ln(phen)(H2O)2(μ-OH)2][Re4Te4(CN)12]}·H2O (Ln = Dy, Ho, Er) were obtained by self-assembly reaction of [Re4Te4(CN)12]4– cluster anions, Ln3+ cations and 1,10-phenthroline (phen) in a solvothermal conditions. Single-crystal X-Ray diffraction showed that structure of compounds consist of non-charged ladder-type chains formed by [Re4Te4(CN)12]4− cluster anions and dimeric cationic complexes [Ln(phen)(H2O)3Ln(phen)(H2O)2(μ-OH)2]4+. Chains are packed parallel and linked with each other by a system of hydrogen bonds. The magnetic susceptibility of compounds is determined by exchange coupled Ln3+ ions in dimeric cationic fragments. The anisotropy effects take place and cause non-linear field dependencies of magnetization for the complexes.

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