Synthesis of NH 4-substituted muscovite at 6.3 GPa and 1000°C: Implications for Nitrogen Transport to the Earth's Mantle

A. G. Sokol, E. V. Sokol, I. N. Kupriyanov, N. V. Sobolev

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The synthesis of NH4-bearing muscovite at P = 6.3 GPa and T = 1000A degrees C in equilibrium with NH3-H2O fluid is performed. It is determined that the newly formed muscovite is enriched in celadonite minal and contains similar to 370 ppm of NH4. The obtained data make it possible to conclude that ammonium-bearing micas have sufficient thermal stability and can transport crustal nitrogen to the mantle in the presence of a reduced water-ammonia fluid at fO(2) less than the values of IW + 2 log units even in the regime of "hot" subduction. The key parameter that determines the efficiency of this mechanism for the deep nitrogen cycle is redox stability of NH4-bearing muscovite at the mantle PT-parameters.

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