Synthesis and structure of two novel metal-organic frameworks based on cluster anions [Re6Se8(CN)(6)](4-), cations Tb3+ and isonicotinate anions

Yu M. Litvinova, Ya M. Gayfulin, D. G. Samsonenko, P. Dorovatovsky, V. A. Lazarenko, Yu Mironov

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The interaction of cluster anions [Re6Se8(CN)(6)](4-) with cations Tb3+ in the presence of 4-cyanopyridine in aqueous solution is studied. Two novel framework compounds (K[{Tb-3(H2O)(2)}(ina)(2)}{Re6Se8(CN)(6)}(2)]center dot 7H(2)O (1) and [{Tb-4(OH)(4)(mu-ina)(2)(ina)(2)(H2O)(4)}{Re6Se8(CN)(6)}]center dot 7.5H(2)O (2) where ina = isonicotinic acid anion) are prepared by the solvothermal synthesis as a result of 4-cyanopyridine hydrolysis to produce isonicotinic acid and subsequent self-assembly in solution with cations Tb3+ and a presynthesized cluster anion [Re6Se8(CN)(6)](4-).

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Страницы (с-по)1630-1638
Число страниц9
ЖурналJournal of Structural Chemistry
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