Synthesis and electrochemical properties of [RuIV 2O(PhCN)4Cl6]

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Slow evaporation of “RuCl3·xH2O” solution in PhCN under heating in air produces crystals of a new binuclear RuIV complex [Ru2O(PhCN)4Cl6] (1). Crystal structure of 1 was determined. Redox behavior of 1 was studied by cyclic voltammetry. The complex demonstrates three chemically reversible redox processes and two irreversible processes between −0.8 and 1.8 V. The first two reversible events can be assigned to the consecutive one-electron reduction of RuIV-O-RuIV into RuIV-O-RuIII and RuIII-O-RuIII. The anodic reversible oxidation corresponds to the formation of RuIV-O-RuV, which then irreversibly oxidizes. Quantum-chemical calculations show metal-centered nature of the redox processes.

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