Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of ((CH3)2NH2)7[P2W17NbO62]

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The bis(oxalate) complex of niobium (NH4)[NbO(C2O4)2(H2O)2]·3H2O can be used as a source of niobium to incorporate the {NbO}3+ group into a cavity of the monolacunary Dawson-type [α2-P2W17O61]10− anion. The product is isolated from the reaction mixture as dimethylammonium salt (Me2NH2)72-P2W17NbO62]·3H2O (1) and characterized by single crystal XRD, IR and Raman spectroscopy, and elemental analysis. (NBu4)6(Me2NH2)[α2-P2W17NbO62] (2) is obtained by adding Bu4NBr to an aqueous solution of 1. The comparison of the electrochemical properties of complex 2 and (NBu4)6[P2W18O62] shows that the incorporation of niobium atom hinders the anion reduction.

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