Synthesis and crystal structure of a meloxicam co-crystal with benzoic acid

Christian Tantardini, Sergey G. Arkipov, Kseniya A. Cherkashina, Alexander S. Kil’met’ev, Elena V. Boldyreva

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Single crystals of a 1:1 co-crystal of meloxicam [4-hydroxy-2-methyl-N-(5-methyl-1,3-thiazol-2-yl)-1,1-dioxo-2H-1λ6,2-benzothiazine-3-carboxamide], MXM, with benzoic acid, BZA, were crystalized from a THF solution. The same MXM-BZA co-crystal has been obtained as a fine powder by liquid-assisted co-grinding using as fluid additives solvents with different polarity: benzene, toluene, ortho-xylene, meta-xylene, para-xylene, THF, and water. The latter is especially eco-friendly and can be a good candidate for industrial production. The crystal structures of all the MXM co-crystals deposited in the most recent version of the Cambridge Database were compared, in order to correlate the non-covalent interactions in these structures with the сonclusions from the theoretical analysis of solubility carried out by Cysewski (J. Mol. Model 24:112, 2018).

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ЖурналStructural Chemistry
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