Synthesis and characterization of mixed manganese-gallium oxides Mn3-xGaxO4 (x = 1–2) with the spinel structure

O. S. Venediktova, O. A. Bulavchenko, T. N. Afonasenko, P. G. Tsyrul'nikov, Z. S. Vinokurov, Yu A. Chesalov, S. V. Tsybulya

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Manganese-gallium oxide samples with the cationic ratio Mn:Ga = 2:1, 1.7:1.3, 1.5:1.5, 1.3:1.7 and 1:2 were synthesized via coprecipitation followed by calcination in argon over a wide temperature range, 600–1200 °C. Physicochemical characteristics of the samples were examined by means of XRD, BET, TG with mass spectroscopy, and IR spectroscopy. The XRD, IR spectroscopy showed that the Mn3-хGaхO4 mixed oxides with the spinel structure are formed in the entire temperature range, 600–1200 °C. Samples with a cation ratio Mn:Ga = 1.7:1.3, 1.5:1.5 at 1000–1200°С and Mn:Ga = 1.3:1.7 at 1200°С are single-phase ones according to XRD. The cation distribution over tetrahedral and octahedral spinel positions was obtained by the Rietveld method. The spinel phases synthesized at 600 °C (low-temperature samples) are nanocrystalline and have CSR sizes of 10–15 nm. Ex situ and in situ XRD, TG with mass spectroscopy studies revealed that low- and high-temperature Mn3-хGaхO4 oxides substantially differ from each other. Strongly differing unit cell parameters of the spinel phase in low- (600–800 °C) and high-temperature (1000–1200 °C) samples were revealed. The presence of excess oxygen in low-temperature Mn3-хGaхO4 phases was supposed. In situ XRD in flowing helium and TG with mass spectroscopy demonstrated a two-step loss of oxygen.

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ЖурналJournal of Alloys and Compounds
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