Swirl number and nozzle confinement effects in a flat-vane axial swirler

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This paper presents the results of a parametric experimental study of free swirling flow at the exit of a flat-vane axial swirler. A total of 16 data sets were acquired by combining four swirler vane angles (22°, 29°, 50.5°, and 58.3°) and four exit nozzles of different diameters (30, 40, 52, and 76 mm). Sophisticated pressure probes consisting of precise microphones and a two-component LDV system were used to investigate the effect of these geometrical parameters on swirling flow regimes characterized by the swirl number. Particular attention was paid to the precessing vortex core (PVC) phenomenon observed at the exit of the swirler nozzle. It has been shown that by varying the vane angle and the diameter of the exit nozzle, it is possible to independently control the swirl number value and the occurrence of a PVC. A distinct correlation has been found between the PVC-induced pressure pulsations detected by acoustic probes and the tangential velocity fluctuations measured by LDV. The use of microphones provides a quick way to measure the frequency response of swirl flow in a wide range of geometries and flow configurations. The PVC effect does not occur at low subcritical values of the integral swirl number (S < 0.5) and in the case of strong swirl flow (Sg = 0.9 and 1.2) in the absence of constriction by the nozzle (De/D0 = 1). The disappearance of the PVC effect for strong swirl flow without constriction is due to the extreme displacement of the flow to the nozzle walls. The absence of a PVC in the flow was inferred not only from measurements of the frequency response of the flow over a wide range of Re numbers, but also from the absence of specific markers in velocity RMS distributions. Measurement results are used to derive an empirical correlation of the integral swirl number and the Strouhal number with a modified geometric swirl number. This allows a generalization of the frequency characteristics of swirling flows with a PVC for flat-vane axial swirlers, which are widely used in engineering.

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ЖурналInternational Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow
СостояниеОпубликовано - окт 2021

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