Study of terahertz spoof surface plasmons on subwavelength gratings with dielectric substance in grooves

V. V. Bulgakova, V. V. Gerasimov, B. G. Goldenberg, A. G. Lemzyakov, A. M. Malkin

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Terahertz (THz) plasmonic devises based on periodical corrugated structures are promising for sensing applications in biology and medicine but have not been developed so far because spoof surface plasmons (SSPs) on such structures were studied insufficiently in the THz spectral range. In the paper, the propagation of THz SSPs along one-dimensional subwavelength rectangular plane gratings with a dielectric substance in the grooves was studied and optimal parameters of gratings (period, aspect ratio and groove depth) for sensing of dielectric were found. First grating samples were made and tested using the THz radiation of the Novosibirsk free electron laser.

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ЖурналProcedia Engineering
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