Study of gas dynamics of the intersecting jets in a semi-open channel

V. M. Abashev, I. V. Eremkin, N. P. Zhivotov, V. P. Zamuraev, A. P. Kalinina, P. K. Tretyakov, A. V. Tupikin

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The subject of the study is axisymmetric channel with a hemispherical bottom. The compressed air flows into the channel through the holes located on the surface of the hemispherical bottom. The ratio of all holes area to the outlet area of the channel is equal to 0.25. The experimental and numerical study of jets intersecting at a single point is performed. The countermoving jets and the focused jets are investigated. The distribution of pressure over the surface of the channel and the total pressure at the output of the channel are obtained. The main experimental result is as follows: the total pressure recovery coefficient for the focused jets is twice more than that for the countermoving jets.

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ЖурналJournal of Physics: Conference Series
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СостояниеОпубликовано - 22 окт. 2017


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