Study of an SmBO3-ScBO3system and new SmSc(BO3)2orthoborate

Artem B. Kuznetsov, Konstantin A. Kokh, Nadezda G. Kononova, Vyacheslav S. Shevchenko, Ssergey V. Rashchenko, Ivan N. Lapin, Valery A. Svetlichnyi, Bolat Uralbekov, Asset Bolatov, Ekaterina A. Simonova, Alexander E. Kokh

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A new SmSc(BO3)2compound was discovered from the study of SmBO3-ScBO3by solid-state synthesis. The obtained compound was grown from a stoichiometric melt by a spontaneous crystallization method, and crystallizes in the space groupR3̄ with the cell parameters ofa= 4.8951(6) Å andc= 16.3012(2) Å. In addition, phase equilibria in this system in the 900-1300 °C temperature range were studied by X-ray diffraction and thermal analyses, as well as special diffusion experiments.

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СостояниеОпубликовано - 14 февр. 2021


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