Structure of A Ni(Ii) Mixed Ligand Complex with 3-Imidazoline Nitroxide, ISO-Propanol, and Water

G. V. Romanenko, E. Yu Fursova, G. A. Letyagin, V. I. Ovcharenko

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A mixed ligand complex of Ni(II) with 3-imidazoline nitroxide and iso-propanol [NiL2(i-C3H7OH)2] is sensitive to atmospheric moisture. It is determined that at a high humidity, the air contacts with the mother solution of the compound in iso-propanol with the precipitated [NiL2(i-C3H7OH)2] crystals leads to their spontaneous transformation into [NiL2(H2O)]·i-C3H7OH crystals whose structure is described in the present paper.

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ЖурналJournal of Structural Chemistry
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