Structural Chemistry of Clathrate Hydrates and Related Compounds

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This review considers a wide range of issues of structural chemistry of gas hydrates, ionic clathrate hydrate, semiclathrate hydrates, and some related compounds. In addition, the works devoted to crystal-chemical modeling of host water frameworks, stoichiometry, and dynamics of guest and host subsystems are discussed. The possible ways of the development of this field of science are analyzed in the final part of the review.

Язык оригиналаанглийский
Название основной публикацииSupramolecular Engineering
Подзаголовок основной публикацииDesigning the Solid State
ИздательElsevier Science Inc.
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ISBN (электронное издание)9780128031988
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Manakov, A. Y., Kosyakov, V. I., & Solodovnikov, S. F. (2017). Structural Chemistry of Clathrate Hydrates and Related Compounds. В Supramolecular Engineering: Designing the Solid State (Том 7, стр. 161-206). Elsevier Science Inc..