Specific internal structure of diamonds from zarnitsa kimberlite pipe

Alexey Ragozin, Dmitry Zedgenizov, Konstantin Kuper, Yuri Palyanov

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The Zarnitsa kimberlite pipe is one of the largest pipes of the Yakutian diamondiferous province. Currently, some limited published data exists on the diamonds from this deposit. Among the diamond population of this pipe there is a specific series of dark gray to black diamonds with transition morphologies between octahedron and rounded rhombic dodecahedron. These diamonds have specific zonal and sectorial mosaic-block internal structures. The inner parts of these crystals have polycrystalline structure with significant misorientations between sub-individuals. The high consistency of the mechanical admixtures (inclusions) in the diamonds cores can cause a high grid stress of the crystal structure and promote the block (polycrystalline) structure of the core components. These diamond crystals have subsequently been formed due to crystallization of bigger sub-individuals on the polycrystalline cores according to the geometric selection law.

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