Spatial Beam Self-Cleaning in Second-Harmonic Generation

K. Krupa, R. Fona, A. Tonello, A. Labruyère, B. M. Shalaby, S. Wabnitz, F. Baronio, A. B. Aceves, G. Millot, V. Couderc

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We experimentally demonstrate the spatial self-cleaning of a highly multimode optical beam, in the process of second-harmonic generation in a quadratic nonlinear potassium titanyl phosphate crystal. As the beam energy grows larger, the output beam from the crystal evolves from a highly speckled intensity pattern into a single, bell-shaped spot, sitting on a low energy background. We demonstrate that quadratic beam cleanup is accompanied by significant self-focusing of the fundamental beam, for both positive and negative signs of the linear phase mismatch close to the phase-matching condition.

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ЖурналScientific Reports
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