Some Transformations of trans-Tetrapyridine Complexes of Nitrosoruthenium: Crystal Structures of [Ru(NO)Py4(OH)](PF6)2 ⋅ (CH3)2CO and [H5O2]2[Ru(NO)Py4Cl]Cl4

A. N. Makhinya, M. A. Il’in, I. V. Korol’kov, I. A. Baidina

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Abstract: The slow evaporation of an acetone solution containing trans-[Ru(NO)Py4(OH)]2+ cations and hexafluorophosphate anions results in the crystallization of trans-[Ru(NO)Py4(OH)](PF6)2 ⋅ (CH3)2CO (I). The reactions of trans‑[Ru(NO)Py4(OH)]Cl2 ⋅ H2O with solutions of chloric or hydrochloric acid followed by the evaporation of the reaction solutions at ambient temperature afford trans-[Ru(NO)Py4(H2O)](ClO4)3 (II) or [H5O2]2[Ru(NO)Py4Cl]Cl4 (III), respectively. The obtained chloride complex III is unstable and at ambient temperature eliminates hydrogen chloride to transform into trans-[Ru(NO)Py4Cl]Cl2 ⋅ 4H2O (IV). The crystal structures of compounds I and III are determined by X-ray structure analysis (CIF files ССDC nos. 1421042 (I) and 1421041 (III)).

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