Investigations of the frequency combs in χ(3) microresonators have passed a critical point when the soliton based regimes are well established and realized on different platforms. For χ(2) microresonators, where the first harmonic (FH) and second harmonic (SH) envelopes are coupled via the SH generation and optical parametric oscillation, the comb-soliton studies are just starting. Here we report on a vast accessible dual χ(2) soliton-comb family in high-Q microresonators with the SH and FH combs centered at the pump frequency ωp and its half ωp/2. Vicinity of the point of equal FH and SH group velocities λc, available via proper radial poling, is found to be the most advantageous for the generation of spectrally broad dual FH-SH combs. Our predictions as applied to lithium niobate resonators include the dependence of comb and dissipative soliton parameters on the pump power, the deviation λp − λc, the modal quality factors and frequency detunings, and the necessary parameters of radial poling of the resonator. These predictions form a solid basis for the realization of χ(2) frequency combs.

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