Solid-phase transitions of polymorphs of 4-(4-N,N-dialkylaminophenyl)azobiphenyl-2,3’,4’-tricarbonitriles and their analogues

G. A. Selivanova, A. D. Skolyapova, R. I. Dralyuk, E. V. Karpova, I. K. Shundrina, I. Yu Bagryanskaya, E. V. Amosov, T. V. Basova, E. V. Tretyakov

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A new series of push–pull azo-dyes containing tricyanodiphenyl electron-withdrowing block, namely (4-N,N-dialkylaminophenyl)azobiphenyl-2,3’,4’-tricarbonitriles, was proposed and synthesized. The azo-dyes possess high temperature stability and are prone to form polymorph modifications. DSC measurements indicated solid-phase transitions of these polymorphs. X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis revealed that in all solved structures, there is a network of short intermolecular contacts between HArom atoms and N atoms of cyano groups. The supramolecular structure of these contacts depends on the alkyl chain length in the aniline moiety, and changes after temperature induced phase transitions.

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ЖурналThermochimica Acta
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