Social impacts of health care reforms in Russia

Tatyana Tagaeva, Лидия Кузьминична Казанцева

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The article considers the stages of healthcare sector reforms in Russia and the impact of this process on public health as the main indicator of the social state. A definition of public health is given; the scientific significance and relevance of the research are justified. The works of foreign and domestic authors, their approaches to the study of factors affecting public health are analysed. The analysis of the state of public health in 80s-90s of the last century during the political and economic crisis is made; the transition process from the so-called "budget-funded" financing model to the "insurance" one is described. Based on statistics and expert assessments, as well as international confrontations, conclusions are drawn about the multi-year underfunding of the healthcare sector, primarily from the state budget. A new stage of reforms is analysed: since 2014, the Russian government has begun the so-called "optimization" of healthcare. Its goals, results, feedbacks from doctors and patients are stated. They show the new reform is a negative process for health system. The blunders of health care reform have been sharply marked with the beginning of the pandemic of coronavirus infection. The facts of the self-sacrificing work of the doctors and nursing personnel during the pandemic period, the measures of the Government and the society to support medical workers were described.

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Событие8th Innovative Technologies in Science and Education, ITSE 2020 - Rostovon-Don, Российская Федерация
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