Shape evolution of surface molten by electron beam during cooling stage

A. S. Arakcheev, I. S. Chernoshtanov, V. A. Popov, A. A. Shoshin, D. I. Skovorodin, A. A. Vasilyev, L. N. Vyacheslavov, I. A. Bataev, V. A. Bataev

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A number of experimental studies of melt motion and droplet ejection caused by pulsed plasma load include the measurements of the shape of surface after the solidification of target. The measured shape may be different from the one during the heating stage because of melt motion. In present paper the evolution of this perturbations is treated as capillary waves on the melt surface. The dispersion relation for capillary waves taking into account viscosity and limited depth of liquid was used. The numerical estimations for the melt surface behavior are done for tungsten samples irradiated at BETA facility.

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ЖурналFusion Engineering and Design
СостояниеОпубликовано - 1 мар. 2018


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