Self-oscillations in a jet flow and gaseous flame with strong swirl

S. S. Abdurakipov, V. M. Dulin, D. M. Markovich

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Investigation results on unsteady flow dynamics in a gaseous jet flame with strong swirl, vortex breakdown, and precession of a vortex core obtained by panoramic optical methods are presented, as well as the results of theoretical analysis of the fastest growing modes of hydrodynamic instability. Characteristics of the most unstable self-oscillating mode in the initial region of the turbulent strongly swirling propane-air jet burning in the atmospheric air in the form of a lifted flame are determined. Analysis of data by principal component analysis and linear stability analysis revealed that evolution of the dominant self-oscillating mode corresponds to quasi-solid rotation with constant angular velocity of the spatial coherent structure consisting of a jet spiral vortex core and two spiral secondary vortices.

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ЖурналThermophysics and Aeromechanics
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