Seismogeologic, structural, and tectonic characteristics of the continental margin of the Siberian platform (Khatanga–Lena interfluve)

V. A. Kontorovich, A. E. Kontorovich, A. Yu Kalinin, L. M. Kalinina, V. V. Lapkovskii, B. L. Lunev, S. A. Moiseev, M. V. Solovev

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The paper considers the seismogeologic, structural, and tectonic features of Neoproterozoic–Paleozoic and Mesozoic sedimentary complexes in the Arctic regions of the Siberian Platform. Based on the results of deep drilling, the geologic structure of the study area was analyzed, and the key sections of Neoproterozoic–Paleozoic deposits of the Anabar–Khatanga and Lena–Anabar oil and gas areas (OGA) were compiled. Analysis of geological and geophysical materials showed the existence of a sedimentary basin up to 14–16 km in thickness on the continental margin of the Siberian Platform, with five regional seismogeologic megacomplexes in its section: Riphean, Vendian, lower–middle Paleozoic, Permian, and Mesozoic. Based on the results of a complex interpretation of CDP seismic-survey and deep-drilling data, a structural and tectonic analysis was performed, structural maps were compiled for all reference stratigraphic levels, and a conclusion has been drawn about the similarity of the structural plans of the Riphean top and overlying sedimentary complexes. Using a structural map along the Permian top, a tectonic map of the study area was compiled, which corresponds to the current state of study. The results of numerical modeling of the salt diapir formation processes are presented, and the types of anticlinal structures, potential oil-and gas-promising objects, are considered.

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ЖурналRussian Geology and Geophysics
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